Dr. Frank Remmertz

Certified Lawyer for Intellectual Property Law
Certified Lawyer for Information Technology Law

Dr. Frank R. Remmertz is a Certified Lawyer for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law and has gained experience for more than 25 years. This qualification enables him to meet the demands of the new data economy and to advice and represent clients in all aspects of IP- and IT-Law, especially relating to the digital business.

Before establishing his own law firm in 2016, he has gained experience for many years both in renowned law firms and as inhouse-counsel. Therefore, he thinks and acts from the client´s business perspective with entrepreneurial understanding in order to meet the needs of the clients, both national and international. Besides, he is, inter alia, member of the board of the Munich Bar Association and chairman of the committee „legal services“ of the German Federal Chamber of Lawyers. Due to my experience in legal professional law and the law of legal services, I also assist law firms, companies and investors in the selection and legal protection of suitable legal-tech strategies.


  • Member of the board of the Munich Bar Association
  • Chairman of the committee "legal services" of the German Federal Chamber of Lawyers
  • Member of the Board of OSE Organisation Pro Software Escrow e.V.
  • German Association of Lawyers (German lawyers in Great Britain and member of the working panel "Intellectual Property and Media law")
  • Member of the working panel "Information Technology" - IT-law of the German Association of Lawyers (DAVIT)
  • GRUR – German Association for Industrial Property and Copyright law
  • Lecturer on trademark law at the Centre d´Etude Internationales de la Propriété Industrielle (CEIPI) of the Université Robert Schuman III, Strasbourg (2007 – 2015)
  • OSE Organisation pro Software Escrow e.V., Munich

German, English